Who is the No. 1 starting pitcher for MLB Network?It’s not Verlander..

MLB Network

Who is the No. 1 starting pitcher for MLB Network?It’s not Verlander, it’s not Otani…

MLB Network has unveiled its ranking with 10 of the league’s best starters. However, it was not Justin Verlander and Sandy Alcantara, who won the Cy Young Award last year. Shohei Ohtani, who is also doing his best in pitching and hitting, was not.

MLB Network

MLB Network said on its official SNS and broadcast on the 1st, “We have selected Milwaukee Brewers Corbyn Burns as the top starting pitcher in the league.”

Burns is a right-hander who made his debut in 2018, playing in a Milwaukee uniform throughout his career. Although he did not receive attention at the beginning of his debut, he had the best year in 2021 with 11 wins, 5 losses, ERA 2.43 234 strikeouts, winning the ERA king, All-Star, and Cy Young Award.

He continued to play last year, and was selected as an All-Star for the second consecutive year with the National League strikeout king with 12 wins and 8 losses and ERA 2.94 243 strikeouts. Although he remained in seventh place in the Cy Young Award voting, he played 202 innings, the most innings in his career, eliminating doubts about his durability.

In response, the “MLB Network” evaluated him as the best starting pitcher in the league at the moment, and predicted that he would be able to win the second Cy Young Award if he continued to be healthy.

MLB Network’s Selected Starter Rankings

1st place – Corbyn Burns
2nd place – Justin Verlander (New York Mets)
3rd place – Carlos Lawdon (New York Yankees)
4th place – Max Scherzer (Metz)
5th place – Sandy Alcantara (Miami Marlins)
6th place – Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels)
7th place – Max Fried (Atlanta Braves)
8th place – Jack Wheeler (Philadelphia Phillies)
9th – Jacob deGrom (Texas Rangers)
10th place – Julio Urias (LA Dodgers)

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