168cm tall, Jeon Somin. Showing off her 11-shaped


168cm tall, Jeon Somin. Showing off her 11-shaped legs with this short Chomini


Jeon So-min revealed the behind-the-scenes cut of the “Running Man”

Actress Jeon So-min posted pictures on her Instagram on the afternoon of the 23rd.

The photo released together this time shows Jeon So-min, Song Ji-hyo and Yang Se-chan, who are taking a proof shot at the filming site of SBS entertainment program “Running Man.”

Above all, Jeon So-min was wearing a dizzying length of ultra-miniskirt, and her long stretch of legs stood out, drawing attention from viewers.

Meanwhile, Jeon So-min chose JTBC’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “Cleaning Up” as her next film. “Cleaning Up” is an unpredictable challenge to the upper limit of life for the sisters of the securities firm, who entered the stock war with insider trading information that they overheard. Between livelihood and survival, it depicts a luminous story of three street cleaners with a spear called “Piercing” in one hand and a shield called “Desperate” in the other

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