Where’s my locker? Ridiculous to release players in locker room rampage


Where’s my locker? Ridiculous to release players in locker room rampage


Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kevin Porter Jr. is on the verge of leaving the team.

Citing multiple sources on the 19th (Korea time), “The Athletic” reported that Porter Jr. left the team due to trade or release in return for causing a fight in the locker room last week 먹튀사이트

The reason why he caused a disturbance in the locker room is absurd. Having been sidelined for personal reasons this season, he gave his locker to Taurin Prince, who joined the trade, and found out his locker had been relegated to the locker room of young bench members.

Eventually Colby Altman entered the locker room, and Porter Jr. also quarreled with him. The media explained that J.B. Bickerstaff was shocked to hear all the fighting in the manager’s office.

The Cavaliers then moved to trade him over the weekend. If the trade doesn’t go through, he will be released.

After being named to the Milwaukee Bucks as the 30th overall draft of the first round in 2019, he was traded to Cleveland through the Detroit Pistons and averaged 10 points and 3.2 rebounds and 2.2 assists in 50 games in the 2019-20 season.

The situation was twisted when he was involved in a car accident in November last year. At that time, he was arrested on charges of improper possession of firearms in vehicles, failure to control vehicles, and possession of marijuana, but all charges were dismissed. The Cavilliers helped him solve the problem and get back on the court, but his return was an act that hurt the team’s atmosphere.

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