Is there such a ridiculous captain? Son Heung-min’s worst game


Is there such a ridiculous captain? Son Heung-min’s worst game of the season, blocked by Tomiyasu


There have been absurd claims that Son Heung-min had the worst game of the season due to being blocked by Takehiro Tomiyasu.

Tomiyasu showed great performance at home against Tottenham in the first half of the season. In fact, due to Tomiyasu’s defense, the last North London derby must have been Son Heung-min’s worst game of the season.”

Son Heung-min and Tomiyasu faced off for the first time in the sixth round of the season. Since Son Heung-min is in a position to target Arsenal’s right side, he had no choice but to continue to bump into Tomiyasu, who played as a right fullback. However, apart from Son Heung-min’s performance, Tottenham collapsed. Tottenham collapsed early, allowing three goals in the first half alone.

Son Heung-min was the player who saved Tottenham’s pride. In the 33rd minute of the second half, Son Heung-min scored a comeback goal by connecting Sergio Reguillon’s cross with a non-stop shot. At this time, Tomiyasu failed to properly clear the ball and gave up ownership to Brian Hill. It is too much to call the North London derby Son Heung-min’s worst game of the season. It should also be taken into account that the coach at the time was Nunu Santo, who was replaced in four months.

The second round between Son Heung-min and Tomiyas will be held on the 13th. This time, the North London derby will be held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Tottenham’s home turf. This is a very important showdown between Tottenham and Arsenal that could decide on season farming. Tottenham must win to continue the competition for fourth place.

Son Heung-min and Tomiyasu’s pride fight is also a point to watch. From Arsenal’s point of view, Son Heung-min is the No. 1 cautionary target that must be prevented. Son Heung-min is showing off his improved performance recently. The possibility of competing as the top scorer is also full of motivation because Son Heung-min is alive. On the other hand, Tomiyasu has been injured since the middle of the season and has only recently returned. The fight between the two players could determine the outcome of this North London derby

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