Lee Soo-jin said he would spend 60% of Lee Dong-guk’s

Lee Soo-jin

Lee Soo-jin said he would spend 60% of Lee Dong-guk’s income on food, but he bought a simple meal for 300,000 won

Lee Soo-jin

Former soccer player Lee Dong-guk’s wife Lee Soo-jin unveiled a huge meal table.

Lee Soo-jin posted a photo on her Instagram story on June 9 with a message saying, “I tried to stop looking at my phone, but I held it in because I was using blue light blocking well.”

Jaeshi in the picture is looking at his cell phone while on the move. Small face and clear features stand out.

Lee Soo-jin went to the convenience store with Jaesi. Lee Soo-jin revealed a long, endless receipt, saying, “Very simply at the convenience store…” As a result of purchasing several items such as ramen and frozen food, a total of 302,200 won came out. The enormous meal of the five siblings was surprising.

Earlier, Lee Dong-guk said on the T-cast E-channel “Mind Comfortable Cafe” that more than 60% of his income goes to food expenses.

Meanwhile, Lee Dong-guk married Lee Soo-jin from Miss Korea and has five siblings.

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