The winner of the War on Recruitment of Kim Min-jae is Germany’s

Kim Min-jae

The winner of the War on Recruitment of Kim Min-jae is Germany’s strongest Bayern Munich final agreement on July 1st

Kim Min-jae

Kim Min-jae is expected to become a Bayern Munich player if there are no big variables.

“Kim Min-jae has reached an agreement with Munich,” said Giovanni Scoto, a reporter who has high public confidence in Naples news, on his personal SNS on the 18th (Korea Standard Time). He signed a five-year contract with an annual salary of 7 million euros (about 9.8 billion won). The official announcement will have to wait until July 1, when the 60 million euro (about 84.2 billion won) buyout clause is activated, it reported.

Kim Min-jae, who entered Napoli in the 2022-23 season, quickly became the core of Napoli. Kim Min-jae, who took the starting position as soon as he moved, won the Player of the Month Award by the Italian Serie A Secretariat in September and the Player of the Month Award by the Italian Football Association in October. Kim Min-jae, who completely erased Kalidou Koulibaly’s gap from the beginning of the season, began to be considered the best defender in the league.

Kim Min-jae, who showed a series of crazy performances, presented Scudetto to Napoli for the first time in 33 years. Kim Min-jae’s impact for one season goes down in Napoli history. Personal awards history speaks for itself. Kim Min-jae, who was named Serie Team of the Year in the 2022-23 season, was properly recognized as a world class by winning the league’s best defender award

The vertical increase in ransom was also a natural step. From July 2022 to June 2023, Kim Min-jae’s ransom increased by 46 million euros (about 64.3 billion won) to 60 million euros (about 83.9 billion won). This is a huge ransom, tied for fourth among players born in 1996 and ninth among all center backs around the world. It is a change in ransom that shows how great the expectations for Kim Min-jae are.

Rumors of a transfer to a big European club have begun to emerge like a thunderbolt. Currently, Kim Min-jae is likely to leave Naples. One of the factors that makes Kim Min-jae’s transfer rumors even hotter is the buyout clause. This is because the buyout amount is very cheap compared to Kim Min-jae’s skills

Manchester United was the most likely team to be connected at the beginning of the transfer rumor. Several clubs, including Newcastle United, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Chelsea, were mentioned, but Manchester United was the most trying to recruit Kim Min-jae. Reporter Romano said in May, “Kim Min-jae is the most important target on the recruitment list that Manchester United wants. Manchester United are really interested in Kim Min-jae. It has been said since November. “Manchester United is directly talking to the players,” he said.

Manchester United plans to strengthen its defense by organizing non-mainstream center backs such as Harry Maguire and recruiting Kim Min-jae. With the addition of Lysandro Martinez, Rafael Varane and Kim Min-jae, Manchester United will have the highest-quality center in the Premier League (EPL)

However, Manchester United did not prioritize reinforcing the center back, apart from its interest in Kim Min-jae. From the end of the 2022-23 season, Manchester United focused more on strengthening strikers, midfielders and goalkeepers. These positions were a concern for Manchester United last season.

The striker position was trying to recruit Harry Kane but turned to another target due to Tottenham’s stubborn position. The midfielder is aiming for Adrian Labio and Mount. The goalkeeper position is paying attention to players such as Andre Onana and David Raya.

While Manchester United is focusing on other targets, Kim Min-jae is likely to go to Munich. It was on the 15th that news that Munich was aiming for Kim Min-jae appeared

At the time, multiple media outlets, including Germany’s “Sky Sports,” said, “Munich is looking for a central defender through the transfer market. They inquired about Kim Min-jae in Naples. Munich board members consider Kim Min-jae a very interesting player and discussions are underway internally. The deal could take shape further if Luca Hernandez leaves. “Bangjameng Pavar is also another candidate for the transfer,” he reported.

Munich will fully support Thomas Tuchel this summer. Prior to recruiting players, Munich proceeded to select which position to recruit. Munich immediately started recruiting center backs when Luca, who was pushed back from competition with Matthijs de Ligt and Dayo Upamecano, wanted to move to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). The top target was Kim Min-jae.

Munich’s transfer window strategy is both cautious and hot. Setting a transfer target is very careful, but once the target is confirmed, it is a bold approach. Munich moved quickly, while Manchester United were in contact with other targets and troubled by Maguire’s release

Germany’s “Kicker,” which has the level of public confidence in the British public broadcaster “BBC” in the German soccer version, also said on the 17th, “Munich is aiming to strengthen his defense and found what he wanted in Naples.” Kim Min-jae, who was selected as the best defender of Italy’s Serie A last season, can replace Luca Hernandez. According to sources, Munich had its first meeting with Kim Min-jae and the talks are reportedly going very well.

Negotiations between Kim Min-jae and Munich proceeded in a hurry. Reporter Romano said on the 17th, “Munich is approaching a complete agreement on personal conditions with Kim Min-jae. A positive conversation ensued after Munich explained the club’s project. The current contract is almost agreed until the 2027-28 season. Munich confirmed Kim Min-jae’s intention to pay Napoli for the buyout, which will be activated from July, and reported that Munich is leading the recruitment of Kim Min-jae

However, Romano added that there is one variable. He said, “The only way to change Kim Min-jae’s situation is to put in an official offer at Manchester United. “I have been talking to Kim Min-jae for months, but there is no official offer from Manchester United yet,” he explained.

Despite Romano’s comments, Manchester United seems to be focusing on recruiting Mount, not Kim Min-jae. There are still about two weeks left before Kim Min-jae’s buyout is activated. If Manchester United does not show an active performance for two weeks, Kim Min-jae is expected to head to Munich.

In addition, Romano said, “As reported yesterday, the contract between Kim Min-jae and Munich was almost agreed. The invocation and completion of the buyout clause seems to be a matter of time. The positive conversation between Kim Min-jae and Munich reached a contract by 2028. Munich confirmed with Kim Min-jae about the buyout payment plan in July. Manchester United still has not handed over a new offer, he said, adding that Kim Min-jae’s joining Munich is approaching 메이저놀이터

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