The wife who beat her husband and killed her

Police have arrested a Brazilian female professional boxer who was accused of beating her husband to death with a blunt weapon.

According to the Daily Mail and The Sun on the 8th, Vivian Ovenoff (34) was arrested on October 19 for beating her husband A (61) with a blunt instrument at a restaurant in Interlaken, Switzerland.

A was found dead in an apartment upstairs in his restaurant. The investigation showed that A was hit by a blunt instrument. Police said the man appears to have been assaulted continuously.

The couple got married in January this year. However, he reportedly lived separately three weeks before the incident took place due to continuous discord.

People who knew Obenov said she was easily angry and showed violent behavior outside the ring. According to the Swiss local media “Blue,” Ovenoff’s ex-boyfriend argued with each other while drinking, revealing that “she assaulted my face several times with her fist.”

Ovenoff was arrested in 2016 on charges of hitting two men in the face who molested him while having a 먹튀사이트 30-year-old birthday party at a nightclub in London, England.

Born in Brazil, Ovenoff played as a soccer player as a child and played for the national gymnastics team. He later made his debut as a boxer at the age of 18 and turned professional at the age of 27. She holds the WBA International Women’s Super Featherweight title in 2018. After retiring as a professional boxer in 2019, he worked in the restaurant business in Switzerland and also ran a gym.

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