Korean Air President meets union

Korean Air President Woo Ki-hong will meet with the union for the first time since the announcement of the Asiana Airlines acquisition.

According to the industry and labor union on Tuesday, Woo plans to hold meetings with the Korean Air Workers’ Union and the Korean Air pilots’ union later in the day.

While a joint task force consisting of labor unions of Korean Air and Asiana Airlines demanded that the government and KDB gather together to hold a meeting, Korean Air decided to hold talks with its in-house labor union first.

Attention is focusing on whether to resolve the conflict with the union, which is considered the biggest obstacle in the acquisition process, by starting talks with not only the general labor union that expressed its approval but also the pilots’ union, which had opposed the plan after the announcement of the acquisition of Asiana Airlines.

The joint task force, which consists of four labor unions, including the Korean Air pilots’ union, the Korean Air Employees’ Solidarity branch, the Asiana Airlines pilots’ union and the Asiana Airlines union, has been opposed to the takeover since the announcement of the decision last month.

On the other hand, the Korean Air union, which has about 12,000 employees except for Korean Air pilots, has expressed its support for the acquisition, 토토커뮤니티 causing a conflict between labor and management.

The labor-management dialogue was reportedly first proposed by management to the union.

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