The squid game craze that’s blowing all over the world in NBA


The squid game craze that’s blowing all over the world in NBA


The squid game craze that hit the world is also blowing in NBA.

The squid game starring Lee Jung-jae is the most popular masterpiece of Netflix in Korea recently. As soon as it was released on September 17, it drew attention, and its popularity quickly spread around the world. On the 4th, he set a new record of ranking first once in all 83 countries where Netflix rankings are counted.

This squid game craze also hit the NBA.

On the 3rd (Korea Standard Time), Donovan Mitchell of Utah Jazz posted “Squid Game rest of the night!” on his Twitter account, expressing that he was watching a squid game.

On the 4th, he retweeted a Twitter post by Josiah Johnson, the son of former American basketball player Marc Johnson and Twitter influencer. Joshua Johnson’s Twitter post is “Brady running for the 1st down.” This represents U.S. NFL star Tom Brady’s slow-footed first down (10 yards in four attack opportunities). Brady is a veteran who is currently spending his twilight years as a player. Josiah Johnson likened Brady to a slow first down like the squid game’s grandfather, Oh Il-nam 안전공원

Paul Milsap of the Brooklyn Nets also tweeted on the 6th, “The squid game was one of the works I’ve seen steadily. I even liked subtitles that could be a headache while playing games on my cell phone, he said.

Then, “The Glue Guys,” a Brooklyn podcast account of the U.S. sports media “The Athletic,” said, “I watched squid games for two days.” Overall, I was confused, but it was a rewarding and very fun time,” he replied.

The Houston Rockets posted a photo of Lee Jung-jae, the main actor of the squid game, holding the alphabet W in a Houston uniform on its official Twitter account on the 6th. This is a parody of the Dalgona game in the squid game, and W means Win, which means victory. Houston is believed to have expressed its willingness to win ahead of the season in this post.

Squid game that is drawing attention all over the world. Its name is also proving its popularity among NBA stars familiar with Korean fans.

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