Taylor Swift song suggests a miscarriage. Fans’ guesses

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift song suggests a miscarriage. Fans’ guesses

Taylor Swift

Fans think pop singer Taylor Swift hinted at a secret legacy from the album Midnights.

According to a report by Page Six on the 21st, Swift sings about a heartbreaking loss in the album “Bigger Than The Whole Sky,” which was released on the 21st, and fans are reacting that the lyrics of the song refer to the sadness of miscarriage.

The song’s lyrics do not elaborate on what the cause of sadness is, but describe a heartbreaking loss.

Swift, 32, says in the lyrics, “No words appear in front of me in the aftermath,” “Salt flows out of my eyes and ears,” “Everything I touch is sickened with sadness,” and “Because it’s all over now, and everything is out to sea.”

He also describes having to say goodbye without having a chance to meet anyone, singing such things as “Goodbye, good-bye, good-bye,” “You were taller than all the skies,” “You were more than a short time,” and “I have a lot to be sad about.”

It’s unclear what inspired the song, but fans are discussing various speculations about the heartbreaking lyrics. In particular, there are many responses that those who have suffered from miscarriage sympathized with the song and cried a lot, putting strength on the “seol.” Swift is also famous for incorporating her experiences and real characters into the lyrics.

Swift, who has been dating actor Joe Alwin since 2016, is believed to imply a breakup with actor Jake Gyllenhaal (almost accepted as the truth).

The lyrics of the song show that he broke up with Jake Gyllenhaal because of his nine-year age difference. Swift sings. “You said it would have been nice if we were older, but it made me want to die.” The re-recorded version of the lyrics says, “Every time I think of you who betrayed me, I experience hell,” “What happened to me, you, you, who captured my dad with a joke,” and “Time doesn’t pass, as if she’s paralyzed.” 메이저놀이터

The two reportedly had a short relationship between October and December 2010. However, Gyllenhaal appears to have changed her idea of dating the age gap because she is currently dating 26-year-old model Jeanne Caidu.

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