Song Jae-hee and Park Tae-hwan arranged a blind date,

Song Jae-hee

Song Jae-hee and Park Tae-hwan arranged a blind date, but “There is a very good person” (‘Groom Class’)

Song Jae-hee

Actor Song Jae-hee will step up for Park Tae-hwan.

Song Jae-hee will appear as a daily mentor and try to arrange a blind date for Park Tae-hwan in the Channel A entertainment program “Men’s Life-Groom Class” (hereinafter referred to as “Groom Class”), which will air on the 11th.

First of all, Song Jae-hee is envious of Park Tae-hwan, Mo Tae-beom, and Lee Sang-joon by telling her love story with his wife Ji So-yeon. He said, “I ran into my wife at the church, and she was so pretty that I asked her to marry me right away. “I think I was out of my mind,” he said, revealing his love life. In the meantime, Song Jae-hee makes unexpected remarks related to her wife’s birth.

With the atmosphere heating up due to Song Jae-hee, Park Tae-hwan’s day will be revealed. Park Tae-hwan cooks rice cake soup alone on New Year’s Day and writes a 2023 bucket list.

After a while, Park Tae-hwan will hold a charity bazaar with the help of his older sister to practice one of his bucket lists, Minimal Life. The bazaar will feature a large number of clothes and items used by Park Tae- In particular, when Park Tae-hwan even released the limited edition headphones he wore during the final of the London Olympics, Lee Seung-chul and Song Jae-hee said, “Sell that to me.”

Afterwards, my sister tells Park Tae-hwan, who finished the bazaar, “I started this year with a good thing, so I will have a girlfriend soon.” In response, Song Jae-hee`s attempts to arrange a blind date to Park Tae-hwan, saying, “There is a very good person,” and Park Tae-hwan welcomes him fiercely. Expectations are high on whether Park Tae-hwan will be able to bloom in love in the new year.

“Groom Class” airs every Wednesday at 9:20 p.m.

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