Snell excited about power reinforcement Last year I was sad


Snell excited about power reinforcement Last year I was sad that I couldn’t catch Scherzer


The San Diego Padres left-hander Blake, who played in explosive energy after his success in strengthening his power, did not hide his expectations.

Snell said in an interview after finishing his home game (four hits, nine strikeouts, and one run in six innings) at Petco Park in San Diego, California, on the 4th (Korea Standard Time), “I’m really excited.”

San Diego, where Juan Soto, Josh Bell and Brandon Drury made their debuts in the trade, won 9-1 against Colorado in a packed crowd of 44,000 people

“I was able to carry out as planned and threw a lot of strikes,” he said of support for the hot score, saying, “I was able to focus more on the batter and the game itself.”

Asked how much he liked the strong lineup, he said, “It will be more fun if you come all the way to Tati (Fernando Tatis Jr.) Please ask me again,” he said with a smile.

San Diego lost Max Scherzer and Traynor to its rival LA Dodgers in the transfer market a year ago, and eventually failed to advance to the postseason as their team’s performance fell. This year, he won the recruitment match and changed the atmosphere.

Snell said: “Last year we didn’t get Scherzer, Turner and we were sad. This year, we got ‘all the players’ we wanted. The atmosphere has changed completely. Everyone is really excited and happy. Everyone seems to be already in sync. I’m really looking forward to how the season will end,” he said, expressing expectations for the rest of the season.

On this day, San Diego’s transferred player Drury hit a grand slam and Soto also did well with two hits and two walks. Coach Bob Melvin said, “It was really easy to make a lineup. Tomorrow, the opponent will be a little different because he is a left-hander (Kyle Freeland), but he will still be able to form a lineup easily,” he said, expressing satisfaction with the strong power.

“I could feel the atmosphere from yesterday. I could feel a lot of energy at the news of the recruitment even when there was a shortage of players (due to the trade). And today, it’s a completely different level,” he said, noting that the atmosphere of the team has changed

“I felt a lot of emotions,” said Soto, who made his debut amid cheers from the crowd. I had a great moment with a really great crowd. I was able to feel the energy from the fans,” he said, expressing his feelings about his debut.

Drury also said, “I could feel adrenaline. It was a great pleasure to be here. It was a special moment,” he said, thanking fans for their support.

San Diego, who became the winner of the summer transfer market, seems to have entered full-fledged competition in the rankings with different energy than before. The team is trailing the Los Angeles Dodgers by 11 games in the district championship race, but is chasing the Atlanta Braves by three games in the wild card race 파워볼추천

Asked if there was a change in expectations due to the recruitment, Melvin admitted that he had higher expectations, saying, “We have high expectations throughout the season and there is no change here, but if we brought these players in.”

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