I told him to shoot as much as he wanted. It fits perfectly with Carrot


I told him to shoot as much as he wanted. It fits perfectly with Carrot an infinite three-point shot with a changed uniform.


Another three-point shooter joined the three-point shooting corps. The playing time is not long as it requires time to adapt to the new team, but the shooting ability is “real.” He made a strong first impression by recording an 80% success rate of 3-point shots in three games. This is the story of Jonathan Alletge, a 32-year-old cat.

The beginning was not Carrot. Alletzie stepped on Korean soil in mid-December last year as a substitute for Marcus Derrickson of Seoul Samsung, who left due to injury. He scored 10.8 points and 5.0 rebounds while playing an average of 16 minutes and 46 seconds in 10 games for Samsung, and as expected, shooting was an advantage. He proved his value as a 204cm tall left-handed shooter with a three-point shot success rate of 43.3% and a free throw success rate of 89.3%.

And after about a month, the uniform changed. Samsung replaced all foreign players, and Carrot, who had been troubled by David Simon’s injury, took the hand of Alletge. Carrot hired Dmitrius Treadwell as Simon’s replacement, but Treadwell did not show any special advantage. The burden of 1 option foreign player Diddrick Lawson has only increased, and Carrot chose Alletzie instead of Treadwell in the second half to avoid Lawson’s overload.

It’s still time to adjust. It’s been about 10 days since I joined the team. But it’s a good start. As of the 25th, it fits perfectly with Carrot’s team color, shooting the most three-point shots in the league (average 34.2), scoring the most (average 12.4), and most likely (36.1% 3-point shot success rate).

He is also increasing his playing time little by little. And in the match against SK in Seoul on the 23rd, he scored 17 points with four three-point shots in the first quarter alone. He made SK embarrassed by making three-point shots in a row against SK, which was named in the starting lineup and devised defensive tactics for Lawson. Carrot lost to SK after a neck-and-neck race, but it was a moment to see the possibility of Allegy.

After the game, head coach Carrot Kim Seung-ki said about Alletzy, “I love shooting. It won’t be easy to stop. “Allegy has also created an attack option that can be made into a pick-and-pop,” he said adding, “It will be really good if you adapt to our team’s defense a little more and blend into the set defense.” “I will make him show his ability to attack as much as possible,” he said.

Carrot is creating a new trend in Korean basketball. So far, no team has thrown a three-point shot more boldly than Carrot. As if reproducing the recent NBA, the proportion of three-point shots is high in offense and pattern play is also high. Head coach Kim always orders active shots from players, including Alletzie. He said, “I’m told to shoot as much as I want. I don’t talk much about the offense to the players. If you do as the defense is set, you can always have a chance in offense Whether it’s a corner, wing, or top, it’s right to throw a shot if you have a chance,” he explained.

Carrot is having his first season with a lot of talk and trouble. Still, his performance on the court is excellent. The number of spectators also increased significantly compared to Orion’s time. An infinite three-point shot involving Jeon Sung-hyun, Lee Jung-hyun, Lawson, and even Alletge is creating a fresh wind toward spring basketball 토토추천

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