Self-diagnosis after removing the nose cartilage transplant (reoperation)


Self-diagnosis after removing the nose cartilage transplant (reoperation)


Q: A woman in her early 30s. I had nose surgery for cosmetic purposes. After the surgery, the silt on the tip of my nose became very red and I felt like the tip of my nose was about to burst. The doctor in charge said that he/she seemed to have put it up too much. About a week after the first surgery, I underwent surgery to remove the autologous cartilage (ear) inserted at the end of the nose.

Thanks to this, the above symptoms disappeared, but the sill at the tip of the nose did not heal well. The hospital prescribed nutritional injections for regenerative injections because of poor skin regeneration. After removing cartilage, I received a daily visit to the hospital for two weeks.

Two months later, the tip of the nose is silicone inserted and there is nothing wrong with it. The tip of my nose is all healed. The tip of the nose is a little lumpy and low. It’s not severe, but I often hear words that seem a little lower at the tip of my nose.

The hospital originally asked me to have a reoperation last month after seeing the results of the tip of my nose, but maybe because I haven’t fully recovered, they want to have a surgery at the end of this month. They want to do a “self-diagnosis surgery” collected from the buttocks, but I haven’t decided yet.

As far as I know, autoskin surgery is not common. Data show that 10%-30% of the transplant tissue is absorbed and only the rest is maintained between 1-2 months after surgery, is that true?

The tip of the nose is still very hard. Why is this phenomenon happening?

I read from the data that autologous dermis transplants are transplanted slightly larger. How long will the wound usually heal after?

A: You had surgery to remove a cartilage transplant. Usually, cartilage is a safe material. I’m not sure why I removed it, but the hospital I operated on probably decided that cartilage removal was essential.

Self-genic pico plastic surgery is a softer material than silicone or cartilage transplantation. Use the softest one at the tip of the nose to form the tip of the nose.

In principle, reoperation should be performed after waiting for more than 6 months, but when the condition of the nose needs to be corrected urgently, it may be done in advance even before 6 months.

Some of the autocirrhosis is absorbed. It is a surgery that is intended to be absorbed a little, and some are absorbed and some remain.

Hard things have silicone in them, so of course, they become harder than before surgery.

Hip dermis is an essential surgery to save the skin at the tip of the nose. It is not a pretty shape than cartilage, but rather a surgery to supplement softer dermis. It will heal a few weeks after transplantation.

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