After a month of nose surgery the tip of your nose is throbbing


After a month of nose surgery the tip of your nose is throbbing. Are you allergic to silicone?


Q: I’m an office worker in my late 20s. It’s been about a month and a week since I had a nose job. Suddenly, the tip of my nose was throbbing, and the next day, only my nose was swollen. The next day, even my eyes were swollen. When I searched the Internet for inflammation-related symptoms, there were no symptoms of fever or redness.

When I talked to my doctor on the phone, he said I should remove silicone because it looks like an inflammatory symptom caused by bacteria. But when I went to the hospital, my swelling completely subsided and only my eyes and cheeks were swollen.

They said I don’t need to lose weight. You said you didn’t have any discharge and your nose didn’t seem to be full of water or blood. I got an injection, took medicine, and came back to the hospital two days later. But I got a nosebleed. On the right side of the sewn nose. It wasn’t that much, but it kept coming out when I wiped it.

Two days later, when I went back to the hospital, my teacher pressed the blood at the tip of my nose and squeezed it out. I don’t know why this is bleeding, and the swelling has completely subsided, but it’s hard to determine the exact reason, so they told me to take the medicine again and come back in two days. It’s bleeding from the edge of the thread.

As the swelling subsides, they don’t know if it’s due to pressure or silicone allergies. Why is that? Can silicon allergies come out this late?

A: About a month after nose surgery, it’s generally a safe time. The sudden throbbing and swelling of the nose is likely to be a bacterial infection in a timely manner, but it is not a consensus that the swelling has completely subsided even though nothing has been done. If blood comes out from the spot where the thread is removed, you should check the color of the blood.

If it has the color of blood well-blooded blood, it may be that the nose is suddenly swollen due to bleeding somewhere, but if the color is black blood, blood that has already been accumulated 비아그라 구입처

It’s best to keep going to the hospital you currently go to and see how it goes. I don’t think it’s a silicone allergy.

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