San Francisco’s Busy Three-Year Contract Loses Start Season Out

San Francisco

San Francisco’s Busy Three-Year Contract Loses Start Season Out

San Francisco

The San Francisco Giants lose right-hander Anthony Deskrafani.

In an interview with “” on the 4th (Korea Standard Time), coach Gabe Kapler said, “Declafani will undergo surgery on his right ankle on the 13th. He said, “I need four to five months of rehabilitation, so I can’t play the rest of the season.”

Deskrafani signed a one-year short-term contract in 2021 and wore a San Francisco uniform, and he showed tremendous performance as a short-term contract trio with Kevin Gausman and Alex Wood. They all won more than 10 games, and Deskrafani led the team to a better-than-expected victory in the National League West with 13 wins, 7 losses, and ERA 3.17.

At the end of the season, Gausman wore the Toronto Blue Jays uniform, but Deskrafani and Wood agreed to an extension, and Deskrafani signed a three-year, $36 million contract.

However, Deskrafani, who had suffered an ankle injury since last season, collapsed again due to an ankle injury and was on the injured list on the 1st. And he was out of the season when the surgery was confirmed.

“Descrafani joined the spring camp in good health following last season and pitched hard,” Capler said. He’s an optimistic person, so he’ll be back in 2023 as healthy as he was before,” he said 안전놀이터추천

Deskrafani said: “To be honest, it’s very disappointing. I had an inflammation in my ankle, and the pain came again. I want to come back soon.”

San Francisco is currently 8.5 games behind the No. 1 LA Dodgers with 40 wins and 37 losses, and is busy on its way. The seat without Desclafani is expected to be operated as a bullpen day for now. If Jacob Jr., who is on the injured list, returns, he is likely to take the fifth-choice spot and minimize

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