She’s posting stories about her husband who’s obsessed


She’s posting stories about her husband who’s obsessed with his wife


A husband appears asking to stop his wife, who is obsessed with “hip” 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Channel S’s counseling spicy taste talk show “Grandma of Advance,” which will air on the 5th, will feature Lee Won-joon and Lee Han-byul, a couple in their 30s who run a PT shop.

Husband Lee Won-joon said, “My wife is morbidly obsessed with her hips,” and began complaining, “She plastered her SNS with her hips, and even if members come to our PT shop, she occupies exercise equipment and doesn’t come down.” Lee Won-joon also said, “Even if you go to the beach, the background should die and only your butt should come out.”

But MC Kim Young-ok said, “You went to the beach? Then I should take it off,” he said, showing an “open mind,” and Na Moon-hee, who saw a picture of his wife’s beach back that emphasized Apple Hip, said, “You’re smart. He’s smart,” he said. His wife Lee Han-byul also said, “The background is not important. The point is my butt,” she said, rather criticizing her husband.

However, Park Jung-soo, who saw his wife’s clothes and photos that showed exceptional buttocks, asked Lee Han-byul, “Why did you become so obsessed with buttocks?” In response, Lee Han-byul began to explain the unexpected reason, saying, “After giving birth, my hips grew (?) and became prettier.”

The reason why “Apple Hip Wife” Lee Han-byul became obsessed with “Hip Beauty” and the prescription of grandmother 3MC for her troubled husband Lee Won-joon will be unveiled on Tuesday 5th at 9:20 p.m. on MZ generation’s taste counseling spicy taste talk show “Grandma of Advance.”

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