Sam Hammington and his wife just need to sort out the final

Sam Hammington

Sam Hammington and his wife just need to sort out the final paperwork for immigration to the United States.

Sam Hammington

Broadcaster Sam Hammington has confessed his concerns about overseas immigration.

On the 25th, a video titled “I’ll listen to Kim Soo-yong’s immigration concerns from Hammington Street” was posted on the YouTube channel “Studio Some.”

On this day, Sam Hammington and his wife Jung Yoo-mi had time to share their concerns with comedian Kim Soo-yong. Meanwhile, Jung Yoo-mi drew attention by confessing, “I worry a lot about immigration.”

Jung Yoo-mi said, “I have received all the U.S. visas for my family,” and Sam Hammington said, “I only have to solve the final documents, but then COVID-19 broke out.” Sam Hammington then said, “I didn’t even think about going to the U.S. (because of COVID-19),” adding, “I don’t know what to do even if I go.”

In response to this concern, Kim Soo-yong advised, “Migrants should not go recklessly,” adding, “We should worry about eating and living.” “To go to New York or New Jersey, I really save money and do nothing, but it costs at least $5,000 (about 6.16 million won) if I pay a minimum monthly rent,” he said, adding, “I don’t spend it as much as I want, I live a tight life.”

Kim Soo-yong then said he had also thought of emigrating to the U.S., Vietnam, and Qatar, but faced a tough reality, adding, “I thought that if I were going to suffer like this, I could come to Korea and suffer, so I gave up immigration.”

In the meantime, Kim Soo-yong told Sam Hammington, “In fact, you’re immigrating to Korea,” adding, “You’re already immigrating, because you’ve adjusted too well to Korea,” drawing laughter.

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