Pepp, who is ranked 7th in the Mourinho League with an annual


Pepp, who is ranked 7th in the Mourinho League with an annual salary of 21.7 billion won, is no match.


The salary rankings of English Premier League (EPL) managers have been revealed. “Special One” director Jose Mourinho came in second.

The Sun, a British mass magazine, recently released the top 10 EPL managers’ salaries in a report. Pep Guardiola, who leads Manchester City, receives the most money at 20 million pounds. In terms of monthly salary, it is 1.66 million pounds (about 2.4 billion won. Manchester City is currently ranked seventh in the league with five wins, three draws and two losses and 18 points 안전놀이터

Tottenham Hotspur’s manager Mourinho, who ranks first in the league, is paid 15 million pounds (about 21.7 billion won). It is 1.25 million pounds (about 1.8 billion won) in monthly salary. He took over as Tottenham manager in November 2019 and signed a four-year contract.

J겐rgen Klopp, who gave Liverpool a historic trophy last season, also receives 파운15 million in the same draft as Mourinho. He took the helm of Liverpool in October 2015 and later led to the Champions League and Premier League titles. He signed a contract at the end of last year to lead the team until the summer of 2024. It seems that the contract was signed on higher terms than the previous salary at the time of renewal.

It was followed by Everton’s Carlo Ancelotti and Leicester City’s Brandan Rogers. Each league ranking is ninth and fourth. Marcelo Bielsa of Leeds United, a promotion team, received 파운드8 million, ranking sixth among league managers.

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who is considered the “Big Four of Tradition,” will receive 7.5 million pounds (approximately 10.8 billion won), while Chelsea manager Frank Lampard will receive 5.5 million pounds (approximately 7.9 billion won). Although his reputation as a team and player is great, he still receives relatively low salaries as a coach because he is still a beginner.

Premier League Coach Salary Top 10

1st – Pep Guardiola (Manchester City/7th) – 20 million pounds (about 29 billion won)
2nd – Topic Mourinho (Tottenham Hotspur/1st) – 15 million pounds (about 21.7 billion won)
#3 – J겐rgen Klopp (Liverpool/2nd) – 파운드15 million (about 21.7 billion won)
#4 – Carlo Ancelotti (Everton/9th) – 파운드11.5 million (about 16.9 billion won)
#5 – Brandon Rogers (Lester City 4th) – 파운드10 million (about 14.5 billion won)
6th place – Marcelo Bielsa (Rise United/14th) – 8 million pounds (about 11.6 billion won)
7th – Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (Manchester United/6th) – 7.5 million pounds (about 10.8 billion won)
8th place – Ralph Hassen Whitel (Saussampton/5th) – 6 million pounds (approximately 8.7 billion won)
Ninth place – Frank Lampard (Chelsea third) – 5.5 million pounds (about 7.9 billion won)
#10 – Michel Arteta (Arsenal/15th) – 파운드5 million (about 7.2 billion won)

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