Omega X Taedong, the former agency was also assaulted…

Omega X Taedong

Omega X Taedong, the former agency was also assaulted…

Omega X Taedong

It has been confirmed that Tae-dong, a member of Omega X who exposed habitual verbal abuse and sexual harassment damage from the current agency’s CEO, was also assaulted by his previous agency.

The revelation was made by A, a family member of Tae-dong. A, Tae-dong’s older sister, posted a photo of Tae-dong crying at the “press conference on termination of the exclusive contract” on Instagram on the 16th, saying, “There is something Tae-dong couldn’t say because he was crying.”

A said, “When I was at 2Y Entertainment, I forcibly took away my cell phone, couldn’t contact my family, changed my number several times, and even forced my grandfather to practice for 15 to 17 hours without a day off, so I informed him of his death through DM (Instagram Direct Message).”

“Omega X Taedong found out late (about his grandfather’s death) and couldn’t keep the mortuary and came and went as a condolence,” he said. “I’m so angry that 2Y Entertainment CEO, who slapped me and verbally abused me, is quiet right now.”

Omega X member Tae-dong was a trainee at 2Y Entertainment before Spire Entertainment.

In this regard, I contacted 2Y Entertainment CEO B, but I couldn’t reach him.

“We will of course take legal action against B, the former CEO of Tae-dong’s agency,” said Roh Jong-eon, a lawyer for Omega X’s complaint agency. “However, if we reflect on it, we are willing to resolve it smoothly through dialogue.”

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