Neymar Rashford Lisanma Why are you together Best 11 members

11 members

Neymar Rashford Lisanma Why are you together Best 11 members

11 members

The best 11 of the injured have been unveiled.

The soccer statistics site “Transfer Market” set the best 11 by revealing the five major European league injuries on the 17th.

Marcus Rashford took a spot in the attack. He is leading Manchester United’s attack by scoring 15 goals and 4 assists in the league alone this season.

In particular, the world class performance played an important role in Manchester United’s tremendous rise.

However, he injured his groin during the England national team call-up and left the team and is sweating to return.

Neymar also joined the injured best 11. He injured his right ankle in March and left for three or four months, setting a season-out.

Neymar is reported to have missed 45.3 percent of the game due to major and minor injuries after joining Paris Saint-Germain.

Manchester United’s key defender Lysandro Martinez also collapsed. In the first leg of the Europa League quarterfinals against Sevilla on the 14th, he collapsed due to leg pain at the end of the game.

Martinez was diagnosed with a fracture in the metatarsal bone and was unable to play for the rest of the season 카지노사이트

Martinez has become an indispensable part of the team by showing a sense of stability despite the change of partners. However, as Manchester United collapsed due to injury, they were troubled by the composition of their power.

In addition, Usman Dembele, Frenkie De Jong, William Saliba and Milan Shkriniar were among the top 11 injured

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