Mino didn’t go to the training center for alternative service


Mino didn’t go to the training center for alternative service The reason for excluding basic military education is


News of Song Min-ho’s exclusion from basic military education was reported to be his younger brother’s attendance at the wedding. The reason is unknown, but netizens speculate that Song Min-ho confessed to panic disorder and bipolar disorder in the past.

Song Min-ho attended the wedding of his younger brother Song Dan-ah in San Francisco on the 28th (local time). In the photo released through acquaintances, Song Min-ho walked along Virgin Road holding Song Dan-ah’s hand in place of his father’s empty seat.

Since then, netizens have argued over Song Min-ho’s trip to the U.S., who has been serving as an alternative social service worker since last month. In particular, Song Min-ho’s long hair style left a question. They argue that it is impossible to have a hairstyle if you enter a training center for basic military education

YG Entertainment, the agency, told Expo News on the 29th, “It is true that (Song Min-ho) left the country through formal procedures,” adding, “After being reviewed by the Military Manpower Administration, he was classified as a person who was excluded from basic military education.”

Song Min-ho left for the U.S. on a congratulatory leave while serving as an alternative to social service personnel, and his hairstyle is also possible because he was excluded from basic military education.

The reason for Song Min-ho’s exclusion from basic military education is unknown. However, under the Military Service Act, basic military training is exempted if it is judged to be a level 4 supplementary service due to mental diseases such as depression or physical diseases. Based on this, netizens are speculating why Song Min-ho is excluded from basic military education

Earlier, Song Min-ho appeared on Channel A’s “Oh Eun-young’s Gold Counseling Center” and confessed his panic disorder and bipolar disorder. Song Min-ho, who started going to the hospital at the end of 2017, confessed, “I fell down and went until I died.” In particular, Song Min-ho revealed that the symptoms began from the time he succeeded with entertainment programs “New Journey to the West,” “Kang Restaurant” and his solo song “Female.”

At the time, Song Min-ho said, “It’s sometimes hard to watch TV or eat,” and “I wonder how it’s possible when I hear that my friend is going to watch a movie after work while talking to my friend on the phone.”

Meanwhile, Song Dan-ah, Song Min-ho’s younger brother, debuted as a girl group New FO and recently appeared in Coupang Play’s original “In-house Love.”

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