Lukaku Neymar the new club record player has won the transfer fee


Lukaku Neymar the new club record player has won the transfer fee


Romelu Lukaku broke the club record when he moved to Chelsea, beating Neymar in the accumulated transfer fee of all time.

“Lukaku has returned to Chelsea again,” Chelsea said on its official website on the 13th (Korea time). The contract period is five years.” “I’m happy to be back at Chelsea,” Lukaku said. I came back to being mature through many experiences. Now, I will help Chelsea win the championship,” he said.

According to local reports, Chelsea paid Inter Milan 98 million pounds (about 157.9 billion won) to bring Lukaku. This is Chelsea’s highest transfer fee ever. It can be seen that Chelsea are determined to bring Lukaku in this summer to make sure he succeeds in strengthening the attack.

Lukaku did not just break Chelsea’s club record, but also rose to the top of the accumulated transfer fees for football players. According to the British media “The Sun,” when he moved to Chelsea, his cumulative transfer fee reached 291 million pounds (about 468.9 billion won), surpassing Neymar, who previously topped the list. Neymar had a combined transfer fee of 270 million pounds (about 435 billion won) when he moved to Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain.

If you look at Lukaku’s total transfer fee, it starts at 17 million pounds (about 27.3 billion won) when he moved from Anderrecht to Chelsea. Afterwards, he left Chelsea for Everton, recording 28 million pounds (45.1 billion won) and 75 million pounds (120.8 billion won) when he was wearing a Manchester United uniform at Everton. In the summer of 2019, he joined Inter Milan with a transfer fee of 73 million pounds. Then he returned to Chelsea in seven years, adding about 157.9 billion won 토토사이트

Meanwhile, third place behind Lukaku and Neymar was Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo recorded a total of 192 million pounds (about 309.3 billion won) during his time with Sporting Lisbon, United, Real Madrid and Juventus. It was followed by Ethan Azar, who achieved a total of 175 million pounds.

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