The top finisher of domestic violence who turned a blind


The top finisher of domestic violence who turned a blind eye to everyone is finally going to Japan


A pitcher who was unable to re-enter the big leagues even at a young age. In the end, he heads to the stage.

The Chiba Lotte Marlins of the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) officially announced their contract with Osuna on the 9th. The annual salary is 90 million yen (approximately 850 million won).

Oh Sun-na is a promising closer who was once classified as a ‘special’ in the Major League. In 2015, when he was a member of the Toronto Blue Jays. Oh Sun-na, who was only 20 years old at the time, secured the Toronto finish with a strong pitch and recorded 20 saves that year. And he went on a roll by harvesting 36 saves in the 2016 season and 39 saves in the 2017 season.

The problem broke out during the 2018 season. Controversy over domestic violence erupted. Until now, the exact details of the assault were not known to the outside world, but the situation was serious at the time. In an in-depth interview with USA Today that year, Oh Sun-na said, “No one knows exactly what I’m talking about, but they blame me. I don’t like it,” he said, appealing for unfairness, but the Major League Baseball secretariat suspended him for 75 games as domestic violence was recognized as “accused.”

Toronto also recognized the seriousness of the situation and rushed to trade because it could not make Oh Sun-na play more for the team, and the team that wanted to receive him did not appear easily. After many twists and turns, the Houston Astros agreed to a trade that would give up two prospects. In fact, it was a trade that left the impression that Toronto was kicking out Oh Sun-na, and fans also criticized the Houston club for recruiting players with a history of domestic violence.

Oh Sun-na has been active since she moved to Houston, winning the most save titles with 38 saves in the 2019 season, but she has only played four games in the 2020 season, and has since left the team since her injury.

But since then, there has been no team to accept Oh. He recovered from his injury and is still in his 20s, but it was not easy to re-enter the big leagues. Because neither team wanted to sign a contract with Oh Sun- Local media analyzed that “the past of domestic violence is holding back Oh Sun-na.”

In the end, Oh Sun-na, who returned to his home country Mexico, played as a finishing pitcher in the Mexican league since last year, and eventually Chiba Lotte sent a “love call.” This season’s Mexican league record is 1.35 ERA with two wins and six saves in 12 games 안전놀이터

The Chiba Lotte club expressed expectations, saying, “The fastballs over 150km are colorful and the control is good.”

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