Jung Sung-hwa becomes Ahn Jung-geun again…

Jung Sung-hwa

Jung Sung-hwa becomes Ahn Jung-geun again…”You acted for 14 more years”

Jung Sung-hwa

Actor Jung Sung-hwa will perform enthusiastically as Ahn Jung-geun in “Hero.”

The movie “Hero” (directed by Yoon Je-kyun) is based on a musical of the same name. In October 1909, Ahn Jung-geun shot Ito Hirobumi in Harbin, and was sentenced to death and died in the country.

Jung Sung-hwa already has a history of playing the role of Ahn Jung-geun, the leader of the Independence Army. He has played Ahn Jung-geun for 14 years, starting with the premiere of the musical “Hero” in 2009. In particular, his number “Who is the Sinner” stage resonated with about 2.67 million views on YouTube.

Expectations are high on how Jung Sunghwa, who captures Ahn Jung-geun in depth, will express Ahn Jung-geun in movies other than musicals. Jung Sunghwa said, “I tried to sing with sincere emotions, not refined songs while performing live,” adding that she worked hard on details from singing breathing to expression.

Director Yoon Je-kyun, who was in charge of directing, said, “The most important thing in making Ahn Jung-geun’s movie was sincerity. In that sense, I thought Jung Sunghwa was the one who could do the best in this role,” he said, expressing his expectations for Jung Sung-hwa.

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