Hair loss supplements It’s normal to lose 50 to 70 hairs


Hair loss supplements


It’s normal to lose 50 to 70 hairs a day. If it’s that much, you don’t have to worry too much So how much hair is lost? Usually, if you lose more than 100 hair a day, there’s a possibility of hair loss, and if you don’t have hair in the area where it’s supposed to be, it’s medically hair loss So, why does hair loss occur? Time tends to be genetic, and it’s often caused by the addition of environmental factors such as stress, malnutrition, drugs, endocrine diseases, and so on Especially in women, it can be caused by childbirth and anemia

Depending on these causes and symptoms, hair loss can be divided into my kind The exact cause is not yet known, but there are growth and loss due to the age of hair loss estimated to be autoimmune disease and the changes in male hormones, which can lead to androgenic hair loss surgery, stress, or childbirth Androgenic hair loss can be distinguished once again by men’s hair loss, which progresses with thinning of hair, and women’s time to lose hair in the center of the hair, which maintains the hairline, but becomes thinner and falls out overall Male-type hair loss is often associated with male hormone metabolites

Female hair loss is also closely related to birth anemia and menstrual cycle There are so many different causes of hair loss, and the different patterns that appear, so how should we approach treatment? First of all, hair loss treatment is based on making a healthy body by providing enough nutrients to the entire body Then, you should take additional medicines or nutritional supplements to promote scalp blood circulation and help with mobile lectures What kind of nutritional supplements are there? First of all, you can find beer, yeast, biotin, keratin, etc., which are the ingredients of hair, and if you add collagen cysteine, chlorella, it can be helpful

Also, hair loss occurs a lot when you lack iron, so make sure to take care of iron, and glutathione coenzyme Q10 vitamin C selenium, which is always helpful, can also be helpful However, in the case of male-type hair loss due to hormonal imbalance, nutrients are often insufficient, so it is important to maintain hormone balance by prescribing male hair loss drugs such as Propecia Abodart In the case of circular hair loss due to autoimmune diseases, it is also helpful to increase immunity by adding omega-3 lactic acid bacteria from the antioxidant mentioned above

So, how long do we have to eat to see the effect? We want our hair to start growing in a new hair follicle in a month or two, and our hair to get thicker, but our hair doesn’t work that fast If there are no special side effects, it is necessary to eat consistently for at least 6 months, and if you feel the effect after that, it is recommended to eat regularly, repeating eating and stopping every 12 to 3 months So far, we’ve looked at why hair loss occurs, what kinds are there, and how to treat it differently

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