I’ve been cheering with my son and son of the EPL Leaf

EPL Leaf

I’ve been cheering with my son and son of the EPL Leaf

EPL Leaf

England football legend David Beckham, his second son Romeo, is currently playing a player in Brrentford B, and his father is currently playing a soccer player in Miami.

Beckham often intuitive with Romeo’s performance, has found a soccer stadium with third son Cruise and girlfriend model.

According to the British media reports, three people, including Beckham visited the stadium despite cold weather to support his son Romeo.But unfortunately, my son didn’t work for a minute.

The game is Arsenal battle.Despite the cold weather that covers Britain recently covered the UK for Romeo and others visited the Gu for Romeo.

However, his son Romeo didn’t participate in the game.The eighth round of the league cup competition with Arsenal 21st century, but Romeo couldn’t participate.On this day, Vrentford Brentford B team, winning the first–0 to win the semifinals, and entered the semifinals.

Despite the cold weather to see his son’s game, Beckham watched the game with 5,000 people who visited the stadium.I was looking at the Bayesian black baseball hat and Cheong pants and waited for the audience.

Third son cruise and purple hoodie wore orange jacket and purple hoodie and purple hoodie, which appears to have a cup of Victoria Beckham’s initialized.

Vcom family visited the stadium, but Vrentford Brentford Brentford B.I didn’t travel Romeo.Neil Mc arm sold Romeo until the game ends, until the game ends.

David Beckham, who transferred to Véford Béford Béford B, who transferred to Véford B, but he didn’t see Romeo’s performance.

In particular, the background of his son Romeo, including Victoria Beckham, but he was humiliated to succeed this day 사설토토

On the other hand, Cruise who visited the stadium on this day, is already subject to interest in fans.Cruise is currently active as a singer, and she is active as a model

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