Doctor brother-in-law, a loving actress is sentenced to a large


Doctor brother-in-law, a loving actress is sentenced to a large sum of alimony.


The final ruling was made by the re-actor A who had an affair with his doctor’s brother-in-law.

A, who caused a stir by having an affair with his cousin B’s doctor’s husband, his brother-in-law, reportedly paid B a large sum of money as alimony.

In April last year, it was reported that B secretly tried to make a living with his 14 year older doctor’s brother-in-law.

At that time, B suggested to A, who had a constant income as a reenactment actor, to help him with the reception and reception work at his husband’s hospital, which opened in Gangwon-do. However, in the process, the two developed an affair and were found to have attempted to live together, shopped for a large sum of money, and frequently stayed out overnight.

“I went to the hotel with my brother-in-law, but I didn’t have an inappropriate relationship with him, and I spent the night at an officetel together, but I fell asleep while eating makgeolli and pajeon,” A denied the situation. However, on July 9, the court refused to accept the request and ruled that large amounts of alimony should be paid for the act of violating co-prosperity. The alimony paid is known to be 30 million won 광주호스트바

A is an actor who is not well known to the public, but as a reenactment actor, he has received favorable reviews for his compliance with sophisticated characters. However, all the episodes of the show he appeared in have been deleted. It is known that Mr. A is currently working as a theater actor.

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