Inflatable prosthesis surgery and diabetes Someone asked


Inflatable prosthesis surgery and diabetes


Someone asked how long it will take to recover from severe diabetes Inflatable prosthesis surgery recovers pretty quickly Basically, after surgery, you can do your daily life right after surgery for about a week And in about a week, I can take a shower and everything is possible in my daily life. I had diabetes yesterday, so I think I’ll recover more If you have a lot of diabetes, you may recover more

In fact, again, diabetes is one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction, but it’s also a little difficult to get diabetes Especially for diabetics, you need to be careful about controlling blood sugar In fact, if your blood sugar level is too high in the room because you can’t control your blood sugar level at all, you should induce it to operate after the morning to a certain extent Of course, it’s the same for most diabetics who have come to a certain extent You can do your daily routine in a day or two after that surgery 정품비아그라

But you can do your own exercise or things like this from abnormal weather. If you say recovery, you can do it right away. I think you can say that in about a week. I think you can say that. Sex can start in a month and a half

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