If you take your blood pressure at the hospital it’ll be high


If you take your blood pressure at the hospital it’ll be high


If your blood pressure is 241 or higher, or if your active blood pressure or home blood pressure meter or time average is less than 135-185 you can say 102 hypertension, and if you look at the white gown, you can say it’s an explanation of increased blood pressure The prevalence of white blood pressure is about 15% of the general population who visit for the purpose of diagnosing hypertension, and about 17% of patients

I can’t explain it in one way, but anxiety tension in hospital visits can affect these things, and one study suggests that people with high levels of anxiety have high levels of white blood pressure It is recommended to measure automatic blood pressure measuring instruments and home blood pressure activity blood pressure other than those not measured by doctors or nurses because the risk of unnecessary medication may increase if not considered by women’s high blood pressure bag effect

It’s okay at the hospital, but sometimes it’s high at home There are cases like that. Masks are called hypertension On the contrary, the blood pressure is normal, but the blood pressure at home is high, and if you look at the mortality rate of high blood pressure in people with normal blood pressure, you’ll see that it’s about the same as white blood pressure

I can say that persistent hypertension increases to about 2800 when you reach 18 and the prognosis gets worse, so I’d like to say that it’s very important to be interested in excavating

What’s wrong with you? Your blood pressure is normal, but if you have complications with high blood pressure, you’re suspicious Like white blood pressure, it is recommended to measure active blood pressure

I’d like to tell you that it’s important to evaluate your blood pressure accurately by setting your home and 24-hour active blood pressure Activity When should grandparents use all available data, such as blood pressure or automated blood pressure?

For example, for white blood pressure, if there is a difference between blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure, the principle is to use non-outpatient measurements, so I’d like to tell you that it’s important to measure accurately measure blood pressure 정품비아그라

In the case of white blood pressure, the mortality rate is almost the same as normal blood pressure, so if you don’t need medication and thorough management of your lifestyle, you can prevent unnecessary treatment

Rather, unnecessary medication can increase the risk Therefore, blood pressure must be excluded before drug treatment for high blood pressure is started. As a preliminary case, high blood pressure is above death rate, so it is necessary to take care of blood pressure and lifestyle therapy including asymptomatic organ damage or complications

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