Brooklyn Nets goal for next season: “Reduce Durant’s playing time.”

Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets goal for next season: “Reduce Durant’s playing time.”

Brooklyn Nets

We need to reduce our dependence on the ace.

According to a report by the local media New York Post on the 12th, Brooklyn Nets coach Steve Nash mentioned the next season’s task.

“If we’re in the most ideal world, we’ll limit his playing time,” he said, referring to the need to reduce his dependence on Kevin Durant. So that he can always play the season in his best condition,” he said.

“But we don’t live in such a fantastic world. So lowering his playing time will be a very important task. We need to communicate continuously and find the most ideal time to play. It’s not a day-to-day task. You have to look at the big picture,” he pointed out.

Durant, the league’s top scorer, played 37.2 minutes per game last season, playing in his youth.

Due to the Brooklyn team’s circumstances, Durant had no choice but to play for a long time.

Due to Kyrie Irving’s non-vaccination problem, Durant was the only one who could play as the main scorer.

The 33-year-old veteran’s excessive playing time is hardly an ideal picture.

Durant responded, “All the coaches I’ve seen have wanted to limit my playing time. However, I do not say that I will limit my playing time even when the game is close or the team is not doing well. Put me in the game. “If my team is doing well, my playing time will be controlled, and if my team is not good, I will be playing for a long time.”

The situation Durant mentioned was what Brooklyn looked like last season.

Durant’s long run means that the team’s performance was not good.

Just by looking at Durant’s playing time next season, you will immediately see how Brooklyn plays.

It is necessary to pay attention to whether the most ideal situation that coach Nash dreams of, Durant’s playing time, can be adjusted and the team’s performance can be followed.

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