I want to come back to Tottenham someday and win.

I want to come back to Tottenham someday and win.

Mauricio Pochettino (48), the coach of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), still expressed his affection for Tottenham.

Pochettino was replaced by Tottenham in November last year due to poor performance. Although Tottenham, which had been in the middle of the season just before, was a master of putting Tottenham in the final of the UEFA Champions League, it needed a change from the team’s point of view. Pochettino, who later became a wild man, prepared for his next move by connecting with big clubs such as Real Madrid and Manchester United.

Recently, head coach Thomas Touchel was replaced and local reports in France continued that Pochettino was likely to replace him. An official announcement will be made soon. Pochettino played for PSG from 2001 to 2003. Major media outlets said negotiations between Pochettino and PSG began at least two weeks ago 안전놀이터

“The time at Tottenham was an amazing journey that ended in a way that no one wanted,” Pochettino, who is about to return to coaching, said in an interview with Britain’s “BT Sports.” “But deep down, I’m sure we’ll meet again someday.” From the day I left the club, my dream became to go back someday and try to finish what I couldn’t finish. “We almost won the Premier League and the Champions League.”

“Of course I’m looking forward to moving forward and full of motivation for the next project. But Tottenham fans are so special to me. Maybe five or ten years later. I want to go back to Tottenham before I die. I want to feel what it means to win Tottenham. The love that our amazing fans sent us was amazing, and it was a great opportunity to repay that love.”

Meanwhile, Pochettino wants to recruit his “old students” Deli Ali and Christian Eriksen, who lost ground on his team. Ali’s only four league appearances this season, and Eriksen has played 12 games and failed to score an offensive point.

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