I told the director I’d finish it The confidence of the blue crab


I told the director I’d finish it The confidence of the blue crab


Vladimir Guerrero Jr., who gave the Toronto Blue Jays a win with a dramatic walk-off hit, was predicting victory.

In an interview with the Boston Red Sox 6-5 at the Rogers Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on the 29th (Korea Standard Time), Guerrero Jr. said about the situation in the ninth inning, saying, “I told Charlie (Coach Charlie Montoyo) that the game would end in my at-bat.”

Toronto, which had been losing 4-5 until the end of the ninth inning, came from behind to win the game with George Springer’s walk and consecutive hits by Bob Bissett and Guerrero Jr., starting with a left-handed hit by pinch hitter Alejandro Kirk.

Where did the confidence come from when he boasted to the coach that he would end the game? Guerrero Jr. said, “It was confidence in the whole team. Even if I didn’t get the ball I wanted, I believed the next player would do it,” he said. “When Kirk, the first batter, went out with a hit, I thought I could win because it led to the top batting line,” he added.

“He really played with that mindset,” Montoyo said, praising the main hitter’s attitude. “Before that, it was big that Romano kept the top of the ninth inning without losing a point. He caught the tough batters and allowed them to continue the game. And now the league’s best hitter was waiting on the bench. Three good hitters came out in a row, he said, explaining that the game went as he wanted 코인파워볼

Coach Montoyo also praised the efforts of the pitchers who gave him a chance to finish, referring to the line drive double play in the top of the eighth inning with one out and a full base and the scene where he crossed the crisis with one out and runners on second and third base in the fifth inning.

As for the bullpen, who failed to keep the lead, he said, “I’m playing a different role than before. Someone needs to get ahead. Today, bullpen pitchers also gave up only one or two hits. It did not create a situation where it lagged by five to six points. Keeping the game going down the mound, this is what we want them to do. If the bullpen maintains the game, there will be a chance for the batters,” he said. As for Tim Meijah, who allowed him to turn the tables in the eighth inning, he said, “He’s been a good player. It’s not sharp yet, but the fastball is still alive. It will be better,” he defended.

With the victory, Toronto confirmed the winning series against its rival Boston. Guerrero Jr. said, “I exploded at the thought of winning against the same team in the same district,” explaining why he was exceptionally happy after a walk-off hit. This would not have been his own idea

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