Back to the world, Park Hye-kyung. Living alone in China


Back to the world, Park Hye-kyung. Living alone in China, I happened to meet Sugar Man at the airport.


Park Hye-kyung revealed why she appeared in “Sugarman.”

Singer Park Hye-kyung appeared as a guest on KBS 1TV’s “Song Commentary Back to the Music” (hereinafter referred to as Back to the Music), which aired on December 23.

On this day, Park Hye-kyung said, “After the fraud case, I lost all my money and honor, so I disposed of everything remaining at that time and learned flowers.” I went to China where I didn’t know anyone and lived alone. It was really hard to imagine.

“I came to Korea to buy things, and I greeted the broadcasting writer I had known for a long time at Gimpo Airport. Oddly enough, I’ve seen it about four more times since then. One day, the writer asked me if I had time. I decided to appear on the show later and found out that it was “Sugar Man. “Since then, I’ve been singing to death.”

Park Hye-kyung also said, “I couldn’t hear my voice, so I went around looking for vocal training teachers. I went to shoot without my voice coming out, but when I shot, it wasn’t as if someone else was here, but my body was singing. I don’t know where and how my voice comes from. I just grabbed the microphone and it came out.”

After appearing in ‘Sugarman,’ Park said, “I thought I should sing. If I could do this much, I worked little by little, thinking that if I had the passion that I wanted to do in the past, I could do it. Since then, I’ve been doing events, busking, and waiting for my voice to get stronger.”

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