Hishalisson “The childhood of being surrounded by weapons and drugs…


Hishalisson “The childhood of being surrounded by weapons and drugs…”If it weren’t for my family,”


Hishalisson recalled his difficult childhood.

Hishalisson had an unhappy childhood like Gabriel Jesus and succeeded in reversing his life through football. Hishalisson, who showed his potential in Brazilian leagues such as Pluminensei, entered the English stage through a transfer to Watford in 2017. Watford drew attention by showing his side of military discipline. He moved to Everton to raise his stock price. As he reigned as an ace at Everton, he became a semi-class striker in the English Premier League (EPL.

Both the front line and the winger were available, so it was highly valuable. He became a better striker by supplementing his poor scoring ability. He has secured a place in the Brazilian national team. He worked with Neymar, Lucas Pacetta, and Vinicius Junior while being chosen by coach Cici. He showed good performance even after moving to Tottenham Hotspur. The injury almost hampered him, but he recovered dramatically and joined the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup.

Hishalisson, who watched the announcement of the list with his family, hugged his family and cheered when his name came out. Hishalisson, who played in the Qatar World Cup, appeared in a documentary produced by Discovery and remembered his childhood. Hishalisson said, “I was born in a small village called Esprito Santu in Nova Venezuela. I liked outdoor activities more than indoor activities. My father was a builder and my mother was a cleaner. “The family situation was difficult,” he said.

“The surrounding environment was also not good. I saw weapons, drugs coming and going. It was a hard time, but my family supported me. My father helped me. There was also an uncle. “I was able to avoid being involved in bad things because people around me supported me,” he said. He said he could have gone a bad way without the help of his family.

“Hishalisson gave a warm hug to his father who came to the stadium and thanked him when he played his first UEFA Champions League (UCL) game in Tottenham,” the British Football London said, referring to Hishalisson’s love for his family. Hishalisson, who has become a representative player of Brazil with the support of his family, will play in his first World Cup. Brazil is in a group with Serbia, Switzerland, and Cameroon.

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