Goddess Kangrim, Moon Ga Young, Lim Joo Kyung takes time

Moon Ga-young

Goddess Kangrim, Moon Ga Young, Lim Joo Kyung takes time to understand and is struggling to grow.

Moon Ga-young

Actress Moon Ga-young conducted a photo shoot with the fashion magazine “Elle.”

Moon Ga-young’s photo shoot, which is emerging as a new fashion icon as Lim Joo-kyung in the drama “Goddess Kangrim,” focused on capturing her own charm, which is both confident and lovely.

The interview, which took place after the photo shoot, was mainly asked about “Goddess Kangrim,” which is in full swing. Asked about the atmosphere of the scene where there are many actors of his age, he said, “It is an energetic scene. I feel like I’m really going to school. “It’s new and unfamiliar to sit in the same classroom with boys because I graduated from a girls’ middle and girls’ high school,” he replied, “I feel more responsible to lead the play itself.”

As it is based on a webtoon, the character said, “It took time to understand Joo Kyung.” I had to be sure of what kind of message I could deliver through this work and character. “I’m thinking about how to show Joo Kyung’s growth,” he said.

At the foundation of the driving force that started as a child actor and has grown as an actor step by step from leading the drama, “There is no hesitation in doing anything.” “I want to keep going that way,” he said.

Actress Moon Ga-young’s pictorial and interviews are available on the February issue of Elle and the Elle website. A video of Moon Ga-young answering questions directly received from fans can also be viewed on Elle YouTube.

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