Giant Pink gives birth to a baby gains 30kg shows mom power

Giant Pink

Giant Pink gives birth to a baby gains 30kg shows mom power and the queen of wrestling

Giant Pink

Women’s wrestling match, “Queen of Ssireum” celebrities revealed the reason for their appearance.

On the afternoon of the 19th, a production presentation of the girl-crush fighting entertainment “Queen of Ssireum” was held online, attended by PD Jeon Sung-ho, Lee Man-ki, Lee Tae-hyun, Jeon Hyun-moo, Choi Jung-yoon, Hong Yoon-hwa, Kim Sa-rom, Giant Pink, Park Eun-ha, Kim Bo-reum, and Jeon Hyun-moo.

Producer Jeon Sung-ho said, “We had a lot of events (on TV), but it didn’t continue. It’s a fun sport where a small person falls a big person, and you have to have skills. In the past, Ssireum entertainment was done without technology, but we show the process of acquiring technology and using it. A twist can be achieved. I think it will be fun for viewers to see me reverse my expectations,” he said, asking for expectations for the performers who will show technical wrestling.

Coach Lee Man-ki said, “I ran to wherever there was wrestling. Ssireum is Korea’s representative cultural heritage. It was a pity that ssireum, which used to be enjoyed with many people, disappeared and was forgotten, he said adding, “I thought it was ssireum that men and women can enjoy together, so I gave suggestions and actively participated.” Coach Lee Tae-hyun said, “Most of the time I play foreign sports (on the air), but I think I have an opportunity to show my whole life as a wrestler.” Now, I will show you in clothes, he said. “It’s an opportunity to let everyone of all ages know that wrestling is easy and it’s a close sport.”

Kim Bo-reum, a speed skater, said, “I didn’t have time to try other sports, but I didn’t hesitate for a second because it was an opportunity to try a new sport.” “But I thought I could do well because I had good lower body strength.” “It was arrogant. It wasn’t just lower body strength.”

Giant Pink said, “I’ve gained 30kg after giving birth, and I’ve been losing weight, but I’ I wanted to show my mom’s power. I was fat when I was in middle school, so I was offered a shot put. Now that I look at it, it’s coming true. I thought this is what I should do,” he said. Kim Saerom said, “I didn’t know there were special forces or national teams at the time of casting. I thought a lot about it. I was worried that I would be disappointed if I didn’t do well because there were many female celebrities playing sports on the show. It’s an individual match. It was refreshing to have a fight with each other and infer emotions. Female celebrities work hard when asked to. “Everyone is working very hard,” he said.

Hong Yoon-hwa said, “I knew there would be female idols. I appeared because I thought people who are bigger than me wouldn’t do it because of their schedules, but I was very surprised. We’re doing it with sincerity.” Choi Jeong-yoon, “I hope you come in if you don’t mind. As I raise my child, I have no physical strength and no muscles. I personally wanted to build up my physical strength,” he said, expressing his personal wish.

“Queen of Ssireum,” a match between strong women, will premiere at 8:20 p.m. on tvN’s Story and ENA on Wednesday

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