Freesia has been self-contained for 5 months and she


Freesia has been self-contained for 5 months and she’s been showing off her six-pack


YouTuber Frisia (Song Ji-ah) revealed her recent status five months after the controversy over the use of fake goods.

Freesia released several photos of her recent status on her SNS on the 13th.

In the released photo, Frisia shows off her sexier charm in an orange knit bra top.

Freesia, who posed at an antique cafe, showed off her unexpected charm with her hip charm that exposed her panty line, unlike her lovely feminine beauty.

In particular, Freesia attracts attention as it boasts a more solid abs line as if it only focused on exercising during the break. Freesia’s perfect twist, which completed chocolate abs with low-rise fashion, overwhelms the eyes.

Freesia gained popularity with the Netflix entertainment program “Solliogok.” Since then, he has admitted to some of the allegations that he wore fake goods and spent time self-reflection.

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