Differences between HPV and Herpes viruses in men


Differences between HPV and Herpes viruses in men


Q: What changes can be seen in the body from a male HPV virus infection? Is herpes and HPV a completely different virus for women? Is there any way to know if a man is infected with the HPV virus?

I’ve never experienced any symptoms related to herpes, so if you’ve been infected with HPV, what are some of the symptoms on your body?

A: The disease caused by HPV (phospholipid virus) is a lesion that usually rises above the odoltoidol, such as gonorrhea (condyloma) or gonorrhea.

Herpes virus-caused herpes is an ulcerative disease that usually blisters.

Herpes viruses include Herpes Zoster, which causes shingles, and Herpes Simplex, which causes simple shingles. Simplex is again divided into Type 1 and Type 2, one occurring in the genital tract and the other in addition to the genital tract 정품비아그라

Shingles invade sensory nerves (one nerve only), are painful and do not recur.

Simple herpes lurked in the nerve nodes under the skin.If someone is tired, they recur again, and repeat the incubation of the nerves again for life.

The recurrence rate is high for Westerners, but there is no big problem for Koreans because the recurrence rate is not high. Do not have sex when you have blisters on your skin.

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