Chelsea boss Ronaldo is ‘against extreme opposition

Chelsea boss

Chelsea boss Ronaldo is ‘against extreme opposition

Chelsea boss

Chelsea boss Graham Potter doesn’t want Cristiano Ronaldo.

He is undermining his reputation. Ronaldo, who returned to Manchester United last season, has become the center of controversy as he has been rumored to have been involved in a number of things apart from his personal performance. There are more than one or two trips he has made over a little more than a year, including the formation of factions in the team, rumors of a feud with coach Ralph Langnick, public transfer requests during the transfer market, and early leave.

And in a recent interview with Piers Morgan, Ronaldo made a ‘surprise remark’. He opened his mouth on almost everything, including his relationship with coach Lannick and coach Eric Ten Hagh, the current situation at Manchester United, Wayne Rooney and Gary Neville, who criticized him.

The content was shocking. Ronaldo, who was possessed by the “everything doll,” voiced criticism. “I’ve never heard of him,” he said briefly about Lanick, and he also said, “I don’t respect him.” Rooney and Neville, who have been together for a long time at Manchester United, drew a line, saying, “They are no longer my friends,” and strongly criticized the club, such as “betrayed” and “Now Manchester United has no progress.”

Upon hearing this, Manchester United made an official statement. They said they would understand the situation and would consider terminating Ronaldo’s contract during the January transfer window.

When the breakup became a fait accompli, rumors of a transfer, which had calmed down, came to mind again. Ronaldo had contacted Bayern Munich, Chelsea, and Barcelona when he publicly asked for a transfer last summer. As a result, the transfer was not made, but now that the future has become uncertain, it has begun to be related to them again.

But Chelsea drew the line. At the time Thomas Tuchel was at the helm, Todd Boelli wanted to reinforce his strength by recruiting Ronaldo. However, coach Tuchel did not want Ronaldo, which caused a disagreement. The same was true of Porter. According to Chris Wheeler of the British media Daily Mail, Boelli is willing to push for Ronaldo again, but Porter does not want him at all.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo has been in touch with Munich in addition to Chelsea. “Ronaldo and his agent Jorge Mendes met with the leaders last week,” Wheeler said. “Munich is considering recruiting Ronaldo for fear of Sadio Mane’s injury.”

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