After entering Supernova Liverpool he was destined to go


After entering Supernova Liverpool he was destined to go to an injury discharge plant 450 days.


He is still 27. He is in his prime for a soccer player. However, I work at a factory and play soccer as a side job.

There is a story. German national Sammed Yehsil played 74 games for the Bayer Leverkusen youth team and bombed 58 goals. He won the top scorer in the U-17 Euro tournament and scored 27 goals in 29 matches in Germany’s U-17 and 19 teams. He is also Elechan’s best friend. Germany and England also had high expectations for Little “Gert Mueller.”

In 2012, Liverpool spent (161 million (1.6 billion won) to recruit Ye-sil. A bright future seemed to be waiting, but he faced a terrible fate of not playing a single Premier League game due to injury.

Britain’s The Athletic said on the 7th, “Ye-sil was once a supernova for Liverpool, but she is currently working in a factory.”

Ye-sil received a chance from Brandon Rogers, who led Liverpool at the time. He played twice as a member of Liverpool’s A team (Main Squad) in the League Cup. Luck wasn’t on his side. He suffered ligament injuries in 2013 and 2014. In the aftermath, he could not play for about 450 days. He was loaned to FC Lucerne in Switzerland in 2015 and returned to Liverpool, but was released due to the expiration of his contract.

Since then, he has been on the stage of Greece, Germany, and Turkey. Past performances have not returned. Last season, he played in 22 league matches in Homeberg (fourth division) in Germany and scored two goals. Nevertheless, I didn’t give up. He is continuing his dream by joining DDK Saint-Tonis, a member of Germany’s fifth division, this summer 안전놀이터

According to the media, Ye-sil lives in Krefeld, close to her hometown of Dusseldorf. I work for a company owned by the team. It is known that the factory manufactures filters and plays soccer at the same time.

Ye-sil said, “If you can’t go back to the professional league, you have to live a different life. “We need to try,” he said adding, “I believe we can return to the professional league if we play in 30 games this season and score 15-20 goals.”

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