Yoo Mi-up Yoon Si-yoon and Ahn Hee-yeon I enjoyed filming


Yoo Mi-up Yoon Si-yoon and Ahn Hee-yeon I enjoyed filming them like celebrities


Actor Yoon Si-yoon expressed satisfaction with his acting combination with Ahn Hee-yeon (Hani), who met with “U-raise Me Up.”

Yoon Si-yoon, who finished Wave’s original “U-raise Me Up” (written by Mo Ji-hye, directed by Kim Jang-han), made the remarks in a video interview with Spotv News on the 14th.

Yoon Si-yoon worked with Ahn Hee-yeon, who played Lee Luda, Do Yong-sik’s first love and urology doctor. Yoon Si-yoon and Ahn Hee-yeon are extraordinary ties. When Yoon Si-yoon was in the military, Ahn Hee-yeon was loved for her reverse driving of “up and down.”

Yoon Si-yoon said, “I was in military service in 2014. Hani came out when the military always turned on the TV during cleaning hours. I went to the military when I was 30, so I felt embarrassed to sit with him as a brother, but I pretended not to watch it. At that time, EXID was the most popular group. I think I’ve seen seeds two to three hundred times because all the living quarters are really not exaggerating, he recalled 여성전용마사지

Ahn Hee-yeon, who met as an actor, not an idol on TV, exceeded Yoon Si-yoon’s expectations. Yoon Si-yoon said, “He has such a good personality and is famous for being easy-going. I thought I would be able to shoot well like a friend, but surprisingly, the parts about melo were quite lovely and sometimes really good. I was able to enjoy filming for a short time with a good partner, he said.

In particular, Yoon Si-yoon stressed that thanks to Ahn Hee-yeon, I was able to have fun in melodrama, which I was not confident in particular. Yoon Si-yoon said, “When I focus on my acting, I often can’t feel my opponent. But this time, Hee-yeon made people feel comfortable. Sometimes he did well like a friend, sometimes like a sister, and sometimes like a lover. He became interested in his opponent Luda and made me fall in love with his acting. So I tried to focus on Heeyeon’s emotions and energy and react to it,” he said.

U Laze Me Up is a hot and lively comedy drama about Yong-sik in his 30s who bowed his head, meeting his first love Luda as his urology doctor and standing tall as the main character of life after many twists and turns. The previous episode was released on the 3rd.

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