About the famous singer “The One” in Korea

The One

Korea’s top ballad singer and vocal trainer. It has an explosive singing ability that combines husky voice, mournful tone and fancy technique. I can only say that I’m good at making sounds.
The stage name “The One” is said to have been named after the end of its real name, meaning “the only voice in the world.”

He was an early member of Space A, but he was not a good dancer.
After finishing the 1st album activity, I left the group and worked as a vocal trainer.
She made her debut as a solo singer with her first album “The Last Gift The One!” in 2002, but she has a career in singing OST with her real name Jung Soon-won in 1999, so she is actually a 22-year-old solo artist.
After the failure of his first solo album, he met with producer Kim Hyun-chul and announced the name The One to the world.
The song “I Do” is still popular, being inserted into commercials and popular sitcoms, “High Kick.”
In 2008, released her third title song ‘to die’ and ‘My girl’ also received much love. I consistently sang a lot of drama OSTs,
My Man’s Woman’s OST ‘Love’ in 2007, the representative song of The One, that winter in 2013, the Wind Blows’ OST ‘Winter Love’,
There is no need for further explanation if the OST 안전공원 “How are you” from the old book released in 2013.
And “Like a Star” with her favorite student Taeyeon was also a big hit.

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