About “Choi Bul-am”, a Korean senior actor

Choi Bul-am

an actor of South Korea

He is a national actor who is famous for his father, chief investigator, and a great actor who led legendary long-lived dramas represented by Jeon Won-il as the diary. In the 1970s and 1980s, he showed off his unexplained presence in the Korean TV drama industry. Although he is now in his 80s, he has shown himself on TV, including Korean dining tables, and boasts considerable recognition among young viewers.

Besides acting, he is also famous for his Choi Bul-am series. Choi Bul-am said in an interview with a magazine that he didn’t like the Choi Bul-am series at first, but after hearing several episodes, he said, “Isn’t it mean that people feel that close to me?” It’s fun,’ he said, and that’s why he took it kindly. It is also said that when the publisher came home for the publication of the Choi Bulam series, the publisher readily allowed it and gave free copyrights to help students who were suffering from the entrance exam laugh and cheer up. At the height of the popularity of the Choi Bul-am series, he appeared on the show in the middle of the night and played his part in the Choi Bul-am series “Kkongt” and showed how he was thoroughly ruined.

Chuck Norris, who gained fame through similar circumstances, is the same age as Chuck Norris, born in 1940. He is also the same age as Lee Ju-il, Park Geun-hyung, Kim Moo-saeng and Lee So-ryong.

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