You turned Park Yeon-soo’s day into trash You’re spreading


You turned Park Yeon-soo’s day into trash You’re spreading false information and you’re suing him.


Park Yeon-soo sued a Internet user who spread false information.

Actor Park Yeon-soo said on his Instagram on the 6th, “You manipulated it and spread false rumors on the Internet and made me a trash just in time for their dad’s broadcast. I’ve been bullied and applied for cyber investigation twice before, but it turned out to be IP tracking only. “He is an intelligent and frightening person,” he said, exposing the Internet user who has been harassing him continuously.

“I don’t want to meet a swallow or date with a second marriage, even if I spend too much money on Jia’s golf to play golf while I’m selling pictures of my close sister on Facebook. But no matter how hard you struggle, I don’t mind because Jia Ji-wook is the truth and is growing up very beautifully.”

Along with the article, Park Yeon-soo also posted a photo of a petition accusing a Internet user of spreading false information and warned him.

Earlier, Park Yeon-soo said on social media that the conversation between her children Jia and Ji-wook with their children’s father and ex-husband Song Jong-guk was fabricated. He said, “My dad and I said that we talked about it on the show. Jia also said, “I only dreamed of me and made me say this. I received an apology from the producer 여성전용마사지

Meanwhile, Park married Song Jong-guk in 2006 but divorced in 2015 after nine years.

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