Relevance to menstruation fertilized egg implantation failure in five


Relevance to menstruation fertilized egg implantation failure in five days of ovulation.


Q: A woman in her 20s who is planning to get pregnant. I had sex checking ovulation date with ovulation tester.

After five days of ovulation, a small amount of blood, whether it’s menstrual or not, came out on the tissue. I didn’t have much blood on this day, so I thought it was an implantation.

The next day, I saw darker brown blood, and from the next day, the amount became larger like menstruation.

During the day, I changed the tempo super size every hour.

At 11 p.m., the Overnight pads got all wet in two hours. I had a lot of really big lumpy blood.

My menstruation schedule is next week.

It’s been 5 days since I ovulated, and my period started a week before the scheduled menstruation date is related to the failure to conceive fertilized eggs?

I searched on the Internet and found out that if you failed to think after modifying it, you have the same period as usual. It wasn’t supposed to be my period. I’d like to know the connection to ovulation in five days.

I’m going to use the battegi again. If I started earlier than the scheduled menstruation date, then the next ovulation day will be changed, right? Then, is it safe to test ovulation right after my period?

A: It’s difficult to predict accurately because menstrual cycles are influenced by many factors, resulting in fluidity.

The cycle may change if you are under a lot of stress, feel pressured, or overburdened recently.

Extreme stress is likely to be the cause.

If the menstruation cycle was regular, it seems that it would go back to normal.

For women with irregular cycles, there is a good chance that it is menstruation, not an implantation failure.

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