The reason why Heo Yi-jae didn’t reveal his real name


The reason why Heo Yi-jae didn’t reveal his real name is because he apologized over the phone.


Heo Yi-jae explained why he did not reveal the real name of the married actor Gapjil.

On October 6, a video titled “Hello, I’m Heo Yi-jae” was posted on the YouTube channel “He Yi-jae.”

In the video, Heo Yi-jae said, “I wanted to tell you something carefully, so I turned on the video like this. “There are people who support me, there are people who are disappointed that I don’t mention my real name until the end, and there are people who suspect that my words are not true, so I turned on the video after a lot of thought,” he said.

Regarding the recent issue, he said, “The reason why the other party’s real name is not mentioned is because of the litigation issue.” “At that time, I didn’t know how to deal with it because I wasn’t old and I was a beginner in society. So there is no recording or recording evidence. However, I just refined and edited what happened to me as much as possible, he added.

He then said, “I know how careful what I’ve said now, so I’ve been avoiding even contacting many reporters, broadcasting officials, and acquaintances who have been worried about me. “It’s true that my honest heart is afraid of lifting again, fighting the opponent, and reproducing pain to prove my wounds I received at that time,” he confessed.

Finally, Heo Yi-jae expressed his gratitude to the person who supported him. He also said, “I called and apologized to the actor who was unfairly mentioned due to this issue,” adding, “Today will be the last time to mention or video related to that person.”

Earlier, Heo Yi-jae revealed the reason for his retirement through the YouTube channel Wayland. The decisive reason was because of a married man actor, and he said, “The actor said, ‘People are not like a couple between you and me after watching our drama.’ He revealed that in order to become like a couple between a man and a woman, he said, “We can sleep together.” Heo Yi-jae claimed that when he rejected the offer, the actor suddenly changed again and swore and verbally abused him.

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