Shocking news. Choi Jiwoo enters Korea secretly


Shocking news. Choi Jiwoo enters Korea secretly


tvN’s “Shooting Star” Choi Ji-woo’s arrival at the airport was spotted.

tvN’s Friday and Saturday drama “Shooting Star” (written by Choi Yeon-soo/directed by Lee Soo-hyun/produced by Studio Dragon, Mace Entertainment) is a romantic comedy that depicts the real story of people who shed blood, sweat, and tears to make them shine behind stars like stars in the sky. It depicts the chaotic entertainment industry behind the colorful spotlight, giving viewers a pleasant laugh.

Among them, “Shooting Star” will raise expectations by unveiling a still on-site that heralds the full-fledged appearance of Choi Ji-woo, who will play the role of “Legendary Actress” Eun Si-woo in the play. Eun Si-woo, played by Choi Ji-woo, is a representative actress of the time, which was loved nationwide in the 1990s, who suddenly retired from the entertainment industry and left for France, but is still receiving keen attention in the Korean entertainment industry.

The released still shows Eun Si-woo’s arrival site, raising interest. The atmosphere of the quiet airport without reporters or fans like clouds can be inferred that he entered the country secretly. This raises the question of why he secretly returned to Korea. At the same time, the shining beauty and actress aura, which cannot be covered by large sunglasses and hats, are admired as the mastermind of the title of “Legendary Actress.” As a result, attention is focused on Siwoo’s appearance, which has made the Korean entertainment

Meanwhile, this still pre-released the scene to be included in the sixth episode of “Shooting Star,” suggesting a big inflection point in the development of the play. As Gong Tae-sung (played by Kim Young-dae) panicked after reading Eun Si-woo’s article in the previous third episode, attention is being paid to how Eun Si-woo’s return to Korea will affect Gong Tae-sung and the Star Force Entertainment family. As a result, expectations rise vertically for the “Shooting Star,” which will show more exciting developments with Eun Si-woo’s full-fledged appearance.

The fifth episode of tvN’s Friday and Saturday drama “Shooting Star” will air at 10:40 p.m. tonight (6th)

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