Pug is still hot-tempered. → Two-run, one-run double the following day


Pug is still hot-tempered. → Two-run, one-run double the following day.


Yasiel Puig, 31, is aiming to return to the Major League after participating in the Dominican Winter League. “The Villain” Puig shows his hot-tempered character in the Dominican Winter League.

Puig joined Toros del Este in the middle of the season in early December. Toros is currently playing a playoff series with Aguilar Sivaenas.

The eccentric-tempered Puig is showing off his hot offense as the central batter in the team, while being kicked out for protesting the referee’s decision 파워볼사이트

In the second round held on the 4th (Korean time), Puig was sent off while protesting the referee’s decision in the eighth inning, which was a 0-0 tie. When the referee declared his exit, Puig couldn’t calm his anger and uttered a hand gesture and emotional remark toward the referee and escaped from the dugout.

Puig hit a homerun ball in Game 3 held on May 5. In the eighth inning, when he was trailing 0-3 with two outs and first base, he pulled an outside fastball and hit a double that hit a left-center fence with one-bound. The runner on first base, Yamaico Navarro, scored and scored an RBI. (Navaro, who played for the Samsung Lions, is playing with Puig.)

Toros failed to score an additional run in Game 3, except for Puig’s RBI. a 1-3 defeat The record for the series was two wins and one loss. If he wins the best-of-seven series, he will advance to the Dominican Winter League Championship Series.

Meanwhile, Puig, who became an FA after the 2019 season, failed to sign a contract and failed to play in the 2020 Major League. Several teams made suggestions, but Puig refused to sign a large contract and became unemployed. MLB.com said on the 5th, “Many clubs including the New York Yankees, Boston, Houston, Miami and Baltimore are interested in Puig.”

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