Mourinho suggested Brazil coach”…Brazilian FW’s Surprise..


Mourinho suggested Brazil coach”…Brazilian FW’s Surprise Remarks


Will Jose Mourinho`s AS Roma coach, take the helm of the Brazilian national team?

Brazilian soccer is in crisis. He sought to win the 2022 Qatar World Cup for the first time in 20 years, but was defeated by Croatia in the quarterfinals. Since then, Brazil has parted ways with Chichi and is looking for a new coach.

Brazil also opened the door to the appointment of a foreign coach for the first time in its history. Many candidates’ names have gone up and down. Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola and former Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane are mentioned. They are all world-class masters. Guardiola and Zidane reportedly politely rejected Brazil’s offer.

Another masterpiece is Mourinho. He is recognized for his competitiveness in FC Porto, Chelsea, and Real Madrid. There have been no reports that Mourinho has yet rejected the Brazilian offer.

Against this backdrop, Brazilian winger Carlos Alberto, who played as a player for Porto led by Mourinho`s in 2004, raised the possibility of Mourinho’s appointment to the Brazilian national team.

“Coach Mourinho`s is interested in the Brazilian national team,” he said on the European professional football website Trivial Football. Perhaps Mourinho will be Brazil’s new manager, I think. That’s what I heard it. Mourinho offered me a coach for the Brazilian national team. It’s the news I’m delivering.”

Mourinho’s style of player development is recognized.

Mourinho has developed quite a few defenders and promising players in defensive positions. In the case of Real Madrid, Pepe, who was still in his heyday, used Rafael Varane to establish himself in the team, and in the second Chelsea season, he replaced Gary Cahill by appointing Quirt Zuma. Manchester United also had a recommendation from Alex Ferguson, but it gave Scott McTominay quite a chance to become a stepping stone to grow. Even when he came to Tottenham, he called up second-tier player Jafet Tanganga to the first team and gave Oliver Skip occasionally a chance to play. The double skip soon became Tottenham’s core. Currently, AS Roma are showing Nicola Zalevsky’s position change to left wingback to foster him. 안전놀이터

Since he/she is not capable of raising promising players on his/her own, he/she usually feeds young players experience by sending them to buy back or rent. A case in point is Daniel Carvajal, who was somewhat awkward with Leverkusen at the time of Carvajal’s transfer, but Mourinho recognized Carvajal’s talent and sent him saying he would become big. Although Mourinho left Real, Carvajal made a good shot at Leverkusen, and Carvajal, who returned to the buyback under the Carlo Ancelotti system, replaced Mourinho, became Real Madrid’s main player. Ryan Sessegnondo gave an interview that it was motivating because Mourinho was constantly monitoring Sessegnon’s play and sending Oliver Skip, who was considered ambiguous because he could not establish himself in Tottenham, on loan to Norwich is considered one of Mourinho’s best moves.

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